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CreditPointe's Risk Ratings provide unparalleled insight on global companies in a very timely manner.
CreditPointe RTI
CreditPointe's Real Time Intelligence or early warning score is a unique supplement to its robust ratings and LGD estimates.
CreditPointe's Industry Risk Reports provide you with comprehensive insight into industry fundamentals and key operating metrics.
Comprehensive financial models and modeling services available for investment professionals and Capital market organizations.
Increase coverage and lower costs with CreditPointe's technological approach and analytical support. Scale security research life cycle operations without enduring the rigors associated with traditional practices.
CreditPointe provides custom services according to company and analyst specific formats and criteria in a fraction of the time it typically takes.
CreditPointe CreditRating™ offer deep insight into the credit risk associated with global companies. The ratings, and accompanying narratives, provide an independent and objective view into the future. With a deep understanding a company’s business drivers and operating environment each rating goes through extensive stress testing to produce a forward looking rating.

CP generates forward looking letter-grade ratings, probabilities of default [PDF], estimates of loss given default [LGD] and a continuous real-time early warning score. CP’s rating methodology is entirely based on fundamental analysis of the company and the environment it operates in (sector, country, etc.). CP Ratings are applicable to both private and public companies.

Learn more about how we operationlize the process of rating your private customers and suppliers at CreditPointe™ Services

The ratings are revised based on the frequency of data availability. While there is a plethora of reports available on these companies, we believe CreditPointe Credit Rating™ reports address the specific needs of the credit risk analyst / manager.
In-depth, insightful analysis of a company within 12-24 hrs of data availability
Significant focus on data quality and normalization; review of footnotes for unusual items, one-time charges, reclassification, etc.
Translation of foreign (language) statements and mapping accounting standards into U.S. GAAP
Ratings based on industry-specific models
Letter grade rating with an estimated probability of Default
Covenant tracking
Reports are optionally complimented with CreditPointe models-complete underlying historical data with CreditPointe’s relevant normalization format, key operating metrics, credit facilities, covenant tracking, etc.

When combined with Real Time Intelligence a complete real time, forward looking view of a company's financial health is produced.

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